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Jinseki Kogen Tiergarten

神石高原 ティアガルテン

This recreational facility is located at an elevation of 700 meters (about 3,000 feet) and includes cabins and campsites for overnight guests.

Visitors can enjoy pottery, papermaking, viewing the stars from the observatory and other exciting activities, in addition to walks along the Forest Therapy Road and chances to see cows and goats close-up.



NAMEJinseki Kogen Tiergarten
ADRESS72-8 Kami-toyomatsu, Jinseki Kogen-cho
CLOSED DAYSWed. (except in Aug.)
CABINS11 cabins available, 5–10 guests per cabin. Each has cooking utensils, refrigerator, TV, bath and toilet. Trailer home accommodates 5 guests.
NOTESOvernight stays with pet dog(s) allowed (facilities available).
Contact facility for information on costs.