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Shinto Celebration At Kametsuruyama Hachiman Shrine

鶴亀山八幡神社 秋季例大祭

During Kametsuruyama Hachiman Shrine’s autumn festival, which is held on Sunday and Monday in the second week of October (Monday being Health and Sports Day), involves a parade of roughly 100 participants.

Otsuzumi drummers wear yuzen-dyed underclothing, armor with raised-cloth illustrations, and shaguma wigs made from long-tailed chicken feathers, creating a stunning spectacle as they dart between the old cedar trees, swap places and dance about accompanied by the resounding echoes of chiming bells and beating drums throughout the woods.



NAMEKametsuruyama Hachiman Shrine’s autumn festival
ADRESSKametsuruyama Hachiman Shrine
(Ko-3147 Yuki, Jinseki Kogen-cho)
(Kametsuruyama Hachiman Shrine)
PRICEfree of charge.